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While it’s a new year, we’re still dealing with COVID.

Here’s my newest article on Thrive discussing the further challenges it poses.

Another article – Igor Kononenko Charitable Foundation COVID Donation

Here is another article discussing the donation of the Igor Kononenko Charitable Foundation to fight COVID.

Igor Kononenko Charitable Foundation donating money to help defeat COVID
Igor Kononenko Charitable Foundation helping lead the fight against COVID

COVID Donation by Igor Kononenko Charitable Foundation

My foundation the Igor Kononenko Charitable Foundation just donated UAH 5,720,077 (USD203,836) for social needs. Most of it was focused on COVID related projects and causes.

This virus is unlike anything we know or have dealt with before and we have to do all we can to help those out who have suffered from this horrible virus and many have.

Thanks to the donation,  the Vasylkiv District Hospital and Obukhiv District Hospital were able to purchase valuable pulse oximeters and ventilators.

Also the Territory of Good were assists with a quadrocopter, gifts for children, car equipment and clothes for kids.

The Foundation will continue these activities in 2021 with a focus on helping out soldiers in the East of Ukraine and also medical equipment.

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